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It’s time to naturally nourish your skin with our amazingly rich collection of bath& body works online. Indulge your body in elegant bath and body works in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad etc with Best Online Products .StoreMass provides supreme organic beauty and cosmetic products. Our entire product collection is imported from Amazon USA. All the goods that we offer are of natural ingredients infused with the goodness of nature for enhanced effectiveness.

Our bath products and body works in Pakistan will enhance your skin beauty with the world’s finest essential oils &natural extracts for men and women. Complete your body care regime with refreshing shower gels, relaxing bubble baths, hydrating hand creams, rich body lotions,Soaps,Body scrubs, hand creams, body butter, lotions,fragrances,beauty & bath accessories, body washes and beauty gifts for your total well-being.

Storemass’s online shopping website offers the best body shop products prices in all major cities like Lahore , Karachi & Islamabad etc.Transform your body to make your skin feel great with fabulous flavors and good textures from our body care bath range for women & men.Our vigilantly chosen compilation of scientifically-proven global goods will make your bathroom more stunning and make your day more luxurious.

Some of Our list of top bath & body care products in Pakistan is as follows

Imported Body Care Products & cosmetics in Pakistan at best prices exclusively at StoreMass

·         Best body sprays for women & men

Body spray is a type of perfume product, similar to an aerosol deodorant, which is used elsewhere on the body except the armpits. Body sprays are far lighter in strength than cologne.

·         Fogg perfume

Perfumes are a mixture of aroma compounds, fragrant essential oils, solvents and fixatives to give the human body a pleasurable scent.

·         Most effective whitening body lotion

A lotion is a low viscous fragrant liquid material used to moisturize, lighten skin tone, soften and repair unbroken skin.

·         Whitening body lotion for black skin

We only sell skin whitening treatments that offer high levels of effectiveness. Dark and almost every skin contain melanin which is a pigment that protects the skin from harmful UV radiations from the sun. Our whitening Lotions will make your skin light and smooth.

·         Hand and foot whitening cream in Pakistan

Make your dreams come true with flawless fair skin complexion from our international brand skin whitening lotions.

·         Best brands of body whitening cream

Skin whitening creams are a cosmetic treatment that people use to change the color tone of their skin. It is a safe way to slowly lighten skin tone and avoid future darkening.

·         Facial products

Our Online store is currently offering a wide range of facial products like face washes and facial cleansers.

·         Makeup kits

Now you can buy any makeup bagmakeup kitmakeup brusheseye shadowmascara eyeliner, lipstick shades and all other makeup kits in Pakistan to enhance your beauty. When it comes to looking gorgeous like a princess our online makeup kits and Bridal makeup products in Pakistan will give you dazzling look in no time.

How our Ecommerce Site Can Help You Beautify Yourself?


“Uses of certain beauty products “


Mascara: The best combination of eye makeup to give a striking effect to appearance.

Foundation: Makes your skin smooth and offers best makeup results.

FacePowder: Used to cut down any unwanted makeup and shine.

Concealer: Hides the dark circles.

Lip Liner: Makes your lips more appealing.

Blush:  Used to emphasize on bone structure and helps in brightening up your complexion.

Bronzer: Gives your skin an amazing sun-kissed glow.

Eyeliner: To make your eyes more prominent.

Lipstick: Provide your lips a glossy or matte finish.

Eye Shadow Palette: Used for different looks during the day and night.

·         Deodorants & Antiperspirants in Pakistan

Deodorants and antiperspirants are designed specifically to prevent you sweating and killing bacteria that causes bad smell.

·         Medical scrubs

A face scrub is a product which has been designed for removing dead skin can keep skin smooth and glowing.


·        Body butter

Body butter is a body moisturizing cream composed primarily of natural oils and butters. It helps nourish and condition skin. It makes your smoother and silky soft.

Brands Offered Online:Aveeno, Avon, BB&W, Beauty4U, C.O. Bigelow, Desert Essence, Jubujub, L'Oreal Paris, Neutrogena, Olivia cosmetics,ponds, Revlon,tiens products and Burt’s Bees etc.

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·         Body shower gel

·         Bathroom kit sets

·         Lux body wash

·         Bath Brushes & Sponges

·         Bath Bombs & Fizzies

·         Bath Oils

·         The body shop products at best prices in Pakistan

·         Bath and body works

·         Bathroom scents

·         Best soaps

·         Bath Salts

·         Body cleansers

Brands Offered Online: Avon,Bath & Body Works, Burt’s Bees, Cydraend, Dove,Dr Adorable,Eclectic Lady,Filthy Farmgirl ,Himalaya,LIMITED BRANDS,Method USA,The Body Shop ,Sweet Essentials,St. Ives and Soap House etc.

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