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A Well Balanced Diet with Natural- herbal & Best Imported Multivitamins in Pakistan

Stay Strong and live a healthy life with Storemass’s complete range of US dietary supplements & multivitamins. We provide all kinds of imported health nutritional products, weight loss and herbal supplements, parental vitamin minerals & biotin supplements online with free home delivery country-wide.  Our Collection includes Capsules, Tablets, Soft-Gels, Chewable and Liquids to fulfill healthcare and nutritional needs for people of all gender & ages in Pakistan.


Why Imported Multivitamins & Dietary Supplements in Pakistan are important for Men, Women & Kids?

Vitamins & minerals are a complete nutrition in a pill. Whether you are an athlete, a busy professional or a spare time gym goer; you need vitamins and minerals to defeat the deficiency of vitamins. The Food we consume is of low quality and fails to provide us the required nutrients. From childhood to old age, the need of essential requirements like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D , Vitamin B12 and other minerals to revitalize strength and to fight against hectic routine with an energetic body.

 What “Vitamins & Minerals” do what?

Some vital nutrients and their functions are stated below:

CHOLINE: It aids in many nerve and brain activities.

VITAMIN D (calciferol): Strengthens bones and teeth

COPPER: Plays an important role in making red blood cells.

CALCIUM: Strengthens and protects bones and teeth.

NIACIN (vitamin B3, nicotinic acid): Serves great for nervous system

THIAMIN (vitamin B1): Good for healthy skin, brain, hair and muscles.

RIBOFLAVIN (vitamin B2): Essential for blood, skin, brain and hair.

CHLORIDE: Balances fluids such as of stomach acid in the body.

SELENIUM: Neutralizes unstable molecules and acts as an antioxidant.

MANGANESE: Helps metabolize carbohydrates, amino acids and cholesterol.

MAGNESIUM: Regulates blood pressure and is Helpful to bones and teeth.


IRON: Supports hemoglobin in red blood cells and helps in making amino acids.

FOLIC ACID: Especially for pregnant Women for their nourishment.

VITAMIN K: Activates proteins and calcium in the body and prevents blood clotting.

VITAMIN A: Essential for vision, bone growth, reduces cancer risk and Keeps cells healthy.

FLUORIDE: Helps prevent dental and oral cavities and also supports strong bone formation.

VITAMIN C (ascorbic acid): Acts as an antioxidant and boosts the immune system.

CHROMIUM: Helps maintain normal blood glucose levels by enhancing the activity of insulin.

SULFUR: Stabilizes some of the protein structures needed for healthy hair, skin and nails

IODINE: Prevents goiter, influences nerve muscle function, reproduction, growth and a congenital thyroid disorder.

BIOTIN: Helps in changing food into energy and creates glucose. It is great for healthy bones and hair.

VITAMIN E (alpha-tocopherol): Acts as an antioxidant prevents Alzheimer’s disease and protects against prostate cancer.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin): It assists in building new cells and breaking down some fatty acids and amino acids. It also defends nerve cells.

PANTOTHENICACID (vitamin B5): Helps in making lipids (fats), hemoglobin, neurotransmitters and steroid hormones.

POTASSIUM: Maintains steady heartbeat, lowers blood pressure and sends nerve impulses required for muscle contractions. Also have positive benefits for bones.

VITAMINB6: It reduces the risk of heart ailments, Helps in lowering homocysteine levels and makes red blood cells .It also plays an important function in sleep, appetite and moods.

PHOSPHORUS: It is an active part of DNA and RNA which Helps build and protect bones and teeth. It also converts food into energy.

ZINC: Best for immune system, taste, smell, age-related macular degeneration

and wound healing.

How our Online Multivitamin Store helps Eradicate Deficiency of Nutrients?

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