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UTI Relief - Cranberry Concentrate w/ Vitamin C

UTI Relief - Cranberry Concentrate w/ Vitamin C

Product Details

SID : B01BXO581W
Manufacturer : Lady Soma
Product Weight : 0.31 pounds
Product Group : Vitamin Supplements
1 Year Warranty
Our Price : PKR 5,578 Cash on Delivery eligible.
Quantity : Delivered within 10-15 working days.
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About the product
  • The Cranberry Concentrate maintains a healthy urinary tract. This 12:1 cranberry extract is equivalent to 5,050 milligrams of fresh cranberries. It delivers all the active ingredients of cranberry juice and more without the added sugar.
  • Urinary Tract Infections are treated safely and quickly without the use of antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics is that they kill bacteria indiscriminately. There are over 1,000 species of "good bacteria" in the human body - each with their own "job" to do.
  • treats urinary tract infection (UTI) quickly and safely by causing the bacteria to be flushed right out of your body. No bacteria, no infection.
  • Natural dietary supplement for urinary tract health. Cranberries make urine more acidic‚ which fends off unwanted bacteria. This supplement also contains vitamin C‚ which stimulates your immune system and allows it to work harder when fighting off potentially harmful bacteria.
  • This all natural cranberry concentrate formula also features a probiotic and vitamin C to promote urinary health. Does not contain milk ingredients, synthetic dyes, synthetic colors, preservatives, artificial flavors, yeast, wheat or gluten.


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